Choose Your Own assortment of favourite pick and mix sweets delivered to your door!


First step- Decide on the size of bag you want; 500g, 1kg or 1.5 kg.


Next step - Choose your sweets from our Sweet List page and we will create your bag. Each sweet has a unique number so make a note of those and put them in the custom box when you order.


If you want more of your favourite sweets choose less varieties and we will adjust the amounts accordingly.


If any of your chosen sweets are not in stock we will include more of your other choices.


All bags are freshly made to order and come in a resealable, biodegradable sweet pouch.


Allergy notice

Our sweets may contain: peanuts, cereals containing gluten, milk, tree nuts, soybeans and sulphur dioxide.


All sweet bags are packaged in an area where products containing nuts may be handled

Choose Your Own Pick & Mix bag